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So… You’re Looking For A Copywriter?

I was asked today if I would be interested in working with a particular company in need of copy to market a dietary health supplement.

At first glance I thought I would be able to help. But on closer inspection, finding that their current advertising material depicts their target market as a shirtless, barrel-bellied and tattooed male party-goer who loves to drink, I realized this is not for me (though I did appreciate the inquiry).… read the full article

Hold Onto Your Hat – It’s 30 Damned Days Of Self Disclosure

I have never been a big fan of blog pages.

But they do play their part in showing you the thinking of the person who set up the web site, so there’s a good chance I’ll come around to the idea.

For now though, if you want to learn more about Stephen J. Carter (that’s me, of course) I strongly recommend you put yourself on my newsletter.… read the full article