If you’re currently entertaining the idea of hiring a copywriter and you’re curious about how I might be able to help you, this page should answer most of your questions.

You’ll see that I’ve spelled out the kinds of collaboration that appeal to me most, but if your project does not fit neatly into any of the boxes outlined don’t give up too quickly. I might be more flexible than I let on…

ASK Funnel Consulting / Copywriting

I’ve made a commitment to both learn and help others deploy Ryan Levesque’s ASK Method approach to marketing with segmentation-based sales funnels.

It’s a philosophy that has at its heart the notion that one-size-fits-all marketing simply no longer pays.

Not in an online world where the marketing sophistication of your competitors continues to ramp up steadily, making your job of getting profitable almost formidably difficult.

The antidote, according to Levesque – and it seems hard to argue against this idea – is custom sales messaging.

Custom messaging means that you figure out exactly what each of your customers really wants from you, and then on the basis of that specific information you persuade them that you’re in a position to provide them with what they’re looking for.

It’s a simple but powerful strategy.

The upshot is that the ASK strategy works great as a consistent and reliable multiplying factor, both for generating leads and making sales.

For that reason I considered it well worth learning after I discovered what it can do for us as marketers, despite the steep learning curve (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve made any kind of commitment to learn ASK yourself!).

After working my way fully through the original ASK Method® Masterclass tutorials I signed up again for ASK 2.0 so as to keep myself current with new developments.

Based on going through this second iteration of the Masterclass it’s clear that the ASK Method training is becoming more structured, more detailed, and a lot more nuanced than it once was.

The training has evolved, and as a consequence, for those who are completely new to it all, it has become much more difficult to assimilate (in fact, you might even find it downright confusing).

If you are considering leveraging the ASK Method and need a copywriter who understands the process, from the initial deep dive survey on your market, all the way through to the construction of a lead-collecting segmentation funnel (possibly a quiz) and the sales funnel and backend email sequences that accompany it… I may be able to help.

Maybe you’re interested in nothing more than getting your toes wet.

You simply want to perform a deep dive survey to shake loose the buckets that will come out of it – a small project that may or may not signal the worth of continuing with your idea.

Or maybe you have already determined your core buckets and now need to figure out the best approach to building a high-performing segmentation funnel or quiz…

Or maybe you’ve even gone through the process in it’s entirety and you’re not just satisfied that it’s performing as well as it could, and now you need advice on optimizing what you currently have in place…

If there is one thing I can be confident of when it comes to ASK it’s that the process is FAR from non-trivial.

Here’s a high-level breakdown of the elements that go into an ASK funnel that I might be able to help you with, broken down by the two main stages associated with the implementation of an ASK Method funnel.

There is a final third stage, which is associated with Launching your quiz / product, but these two initial stages are the ones for which a significant amount of time will be spent on copywriting related tasks – such as figuring out the appropriate language to use for the custom messaging, and the production of copy itself where needed.

  1. Discovery – Where You Perform An X-ray Of Your Intended Market To Eliminate Risk

    • Figure out the nature of the core information you want to get from your Deep Dive Survey, and come up with the exact survey questions to get the job done.
    • Figure out how to frame the Deep Dive Survey to get people to want to take it. Come up with the copy that allows you to do this effectively.
    • Analyze the results of the survey to gain audience demographics and product insight.
  2. Segment Your Audience and Build Your Lead Collection Funnel (Or Quiz)

    • Use results of the Deep Dive Survey to come up with your primary buckets (audience customization).
    • Come up with the optimal choice of questions on which to base your funnel/quiz and segment your audience.
    • Come up with copy for funnel/quiz outcome pages: sales page, upsells, email follow ups…

If you’ve spent any time looking at doing this all on your own then you know how daunting the prospect really is.

Simply scoping out your project is tough enough. If the thought of having to produce persuasive lead-generation and sales copy on top of that is causing you sleepless nights then that’s something I can likely help you with.

Dietary Supplement Copywriting

This is an area around which I intend to specialize. Not exclusively, but it is my preference.

I have a doctorate in the sciences and I particularly like researching science-related topics, so for me writing for the dietary supplement space makes sense.

It’s also no coincidence that the demographic for the dietary supplement market that interests me most is “boomers” – people born between about 1946 and 1964.

That’s because I’m in that group.

The concerns they’re having to deal with relating to their health are also MY concerns.

To better appreciate just what the challenges are that a dietary supplement marketer faces, and because perhaps one day I’d like to create my own supplement, I registered for Buck Rizvi’s very comprehensive Health Profits Academy.

This is the only course that covers everything you could possibly ever want to know about how to successfully launch and run your own purpose-driven dietary supplement company.

So, if you have been through that program in the hopes you’ll be able to follow in Buck’s footsteps, you can be confident I understand the challenges you’re facing.

Especially in regard to the copy you’ll need to establish an authentic, trustworthy, and transparent experience for your customers (the tried and true Buck Rizvi ATT experience).

Also, if you like the idea of applying the ASK Method to the marketing of your dietary supplement, in the same manner that Buck does with his Real Dose Nutrition campaigns, that’s something we can definitely tackle together.

That is to say, we can build a quiz to help you scale your paid traffic channels.

Here’s an overview of some of the possibilities associated with writing for a dietary supplement funnel:

  1. Preliminary Research

    • Breakthrough sales messaging will require that you first uncover a BIG IDEA on which to base your offer. You should have one BEFORE you formulate your product.
    • Is your product and audience research sufficiently thorough, or do you need to go much deeper before beginning to write any copy?
    • Is your audience made up of segments that require their own custom sales messaging? It may be wise to perform an ASK Method Deep Dive Survey to find out.
  2. Funnel Copy

    • What kind of funnel will you use to capture leads and convert them into sales? If it’s a quiz-based lead generation system based on the ASK Method then the copy requirements will be more complex than for a straight video sales letter landing page to which cold traffic is driven.
    • Sales page copy, upsell copy, and email follow up copy will all be required elements of your dietary supplement funnel.
  3. Ad Copy

    • Whether you run advertisements to cold traffic from Facebook, banner ad networks, email lists, or direct mail, you will need advertising copy that compels people to either go check out your offer or pick up the phone to place an order.
    • If your prospect responds to an online call to action you will need compelling copy in the form of an intermediary landing page that reaffirms in the prospect’s mind that they are in the right place to find what your advertisement has promised them.

Email Sequence Copywriting

I am sure you’re aware that if you are selling any kind of product or service a significant portion of your income will come from the follow up emails you send out to prospects.

It may count for 30 percent of your revenue, 50 percent, maybe even more.

Here are a few of the kinds of sequences I may be able to help you put into place in your funnel:

  • Follow up, or lead-nurturing, messages to get the prospect to “know, like, and trust” the narrator, i.e. you (this all takes place after a lead magnet or quiz opt-in)
  • Shopping cart abandonment reminders (your prospect almost bought but somehow failed to follow through, so remind them of that)
  • Consumption messages (these are designed to get your buyer to actually use your product)

Of course there are all sorts of other kinds of email marketing that you might need help with.

But these are the bread and butter direct response sequences.

They exist for no other purpose than the subscriber is currently at point A in our funnel and we want to persuade them to voluntarily move themselves to point B.

Consulting / Coaching

Here’s another possibility.

I view myself primarily as a copywriter. But it’s quite possible you might not need copywriting services so much as you need a second pair of eyes. Or if you like, a second brain to run your ideas past.

If you want to be challenged on your assumptions and basic approach to getting where you want to go, and possibly pointed in an altogether different direction, then that’s a possibility.

Hire me as a consultant to help keep you on the right track. I hate to see people wasting their time doing anything inefficiently, or worse yet, proceeding in such a way that, even if they succeed, the end result is likely to fall far short of what might otherwise have been the case if a different tact was employed.

Now, I’m not going to characterize myself as a genius, but if you don’t have a half-clever someone with a Ph.D. to bounce ideas off then I might be able to fill that gap for you. I do tend to be both critical and highly skeptical of everything that’s presented to me.

So if you like the sound of potentially being course-corrected when needed, then maybe consulting is all you need from me.

Another possibility: you just want feedback on developing your own copy skills.

That way you can write with confidence knowing that your messages will be well received and regarded as authentic. This is something that’s tough to do, no matter who you are.

In that case maybe you’d want to hire me as a coach – someone to tell you where you are going wrong and how to dramatically improve your copy chops WITHOUT having to do it in some public (or even private) forum.

If you elect to go this route you’ll find I won’t go easy on you, but you’re pretty much guaranteed to see rapid improvement in your ability to make a connection with your audience and get your message across.

What Is My Work Process Like?

I’m far more disposed to long-term clients than short-term one-project-only clients, and because of that the process is somewhat tailored to the needs of the client.

What that means is we’ll likely, eventually, end up working on a retainer basis.

That means you’ll pay for blocks of my time and we’ll work on your stuff for as long as it takes.

Here’s what’s great about the long-term relationship.

It’s essentially infinitely flexible because we treat each other as partners and understand there are going to be highs and lows in the relationship and we don’t get overly flummoxed isn’t working great for us at a particular moment in time.

Instead we count to ten, pick ourselves up the next day, and continue on.

The other great thing about the long-term point of view is that I can afford to take the time to get to really know your business, literally to the point where I can instantly express your ideas better than you can after hearing nothing more than the basic concept.

But that takes time, at least six months, which is why the best material you’ll ever get from a copywriter comes much, much later in the relationship (that’s true in any relationship, of course).

Another important advantage for the client (you) is that you’re much less likely to paint yourself into a corner by specifying the entire scope of a project up front and then realizing later that you didn’t think it through well enough and now you need some serious course corrections that we did not take into account in the budget for the project.

The other work process option is to go with a fixed price for a well-defined project.

In either case, and depending on the scope of the project, it’s likely that in addition to the fee for performing the work I’ll ask for a royalty of 3-5 percent on sales tied to the work performed.

For example, I never write sales letter (or video) copy without an agreed upon royalty.

There are a lot of reasons why a royalty makes sense for both the copywriter and the client, but the main one is that it increases the likelihood that our relationship will remain strong and that I am motivated to perform to the limits of my ability.

How To Get My Attention

If you have a general inquiry you can send a message to me from my Contact page.

If you have a definite project in mind that you’ve fleshed out and are willing to provide information about then I recommend you add yourself to my wait list.

To get access to the wait list you’ll first need to add yourself to my newsletter.

The reason you won’t find the wait list page listed in the navigation bar is that I feel it’s better for the both of us that you first get to know me a little before jumping in with a project proposal.