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Month: June 2019

An Email Sequence To Promote Weight Loss Formula No. 1 – A Dietary Supplement From RealDose Nutrition

I would say it is almost impossible to avoid having to promote weight loss products if you are involved in any kind of personal health business.

This is because body weight, especially too much of it, plays an important role in general health and in particular with respect to the progression of disease.

People already know what to do to lose weight in terms of eating better and spending more time being physically active.… read the full article

Creating Lead Magnets For Ageless Brain

Lead generation typically involves giving a prospect a free resource in exchange for their email address and the chance to ply them with arguments as to why they should become a customer of yours.

For the Ageless Brain promotion I ended up creating three of the resources we use as lead magnets.

Of those three, only the last one I am about to discuss directly focused on an aspect of brain health that would be immediately recognizable as such.… read the full article

An Email Sequence To Promote Brain Octane Oil – A Dietary Supplement From Bulletproof 360

As part of the discovery process for promotional angles for the Ageless Brain program I do end up checking out my fair share of brain science studies. Especially those publications dealing with the results of small-scale human clinical trials.

In particular, I pay attention to studies which look at the mitigating effects of certain natural foods or extracts on age-related cognitive impairment.… read the full article