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How To Automate A Post Webinar Launch Campaign With ActiveCampaign

Setting up auto responder automations can be tricky.

This is especially true if you want to do something your auto responder does not lend itself to doing easily, yet they give you the tools to do it anyway on the off-chance you’ll be able to see a way to pull it off.

ActiveCampaign provides marketers with a lot of email campaign set-up flexibility.… read the full article

How To Convert Cold Traffic Into Zoom Webinar Registrants And Attendees

Webinars can be real time savers when it comes to the often protracted task of converting leads into customers. Instead of dripping out content in an email series over a period of months to introduce yourself to prospects you can run an accelerated follow up series to registrants for your webinar.

The trick is to be able to do this with cold traffic, which is made up of people who have no idea who you are before they see your webinar announcement somewhere on the internet.… read the full article

ASK Quiz Case Study: Discover Your Menopause Type

Over the years I have dabbled with the construction of ASK Method-style quiz funnels.

But unlike most people who try this I do not rely on established quiz-builder software to manage my quizzes. Instead I build my own quizzes from scratch. This comes with certain advantages and disadvantages.

The most obvious disadvantage is that this is a technically difficult thing to pull off.… read the full article

How To Sell Tickets To A Symposium In A Salt Mine

Usually when I see a copy gig like the one which resulted in this post I would not attempt to secure the job. But in this instance the circumstances were different enough to make it seem worthwhile.

Unfortunately the job posting was withdrawn just hours after it was posted.

Even so, this was enough time for me to whip up copy for the first message for what I thought might prove to be an interesting email sequence dedicated to selling tickets to a symposium which would be held in a salt mine at a remote location.… read the full article

How To Write An Engaging Facebook Ad

One fairly effective approach to writing engaging Facebook advertisements is to tell a story.

By engaging I mean the advertisement succeeds at getting the reader to click through to your offer to learn more about it.

By story I just mean some narrative which attempts to disguise the fact that, first and foremost, this is a direct response Facebook ad – meaning that the primary goal is to have the reader click through.… read the full article

How To Automate A Message Resend Campaign With ActiveCampaign

This article is for anyone who loathes the idea of having to provide email support to customers. In particular, because one or more expected email messages has failed to turn up in the customer’s email inbox and they need the missing message(s) resent.

Let’s suppose, for instance, that you have built a membership program. To guide your members through the program you send them one pre-written message every week.… read the full article

Programming A WhoIs Domain-Querying Robot To Parse A Google Display Network Exclusion List

Every once in a while I end up doing something a little crazy.

At the very least, I tend to have a hard time convincing others that there is any need at all to devote time to my newly-prioritized task.

The latest had me writing a program to parse a list of 65,534 domains names in order to determine which ones were registered, and therefore perhaps were being used to host a website.… read the full article

Writing Email Swipes For An Online Summit

Years ago I was involved in helping to prepare copy for an online summit. The event turned out to be poorly attended, and basically a disaster, which is not atypical for online summits.

As a reminder, or in case this type of event has managed to pass you by, a summit is a hosted series of “talks” with supposedly distinguished personalities who all share some common interest.… read the full article

Writing Email Swipes To Promote Reclaim Your Longevity

Once in a while you will be unexpectedly reminded of an email you wrote because a reader hits the reply button and brings an issue to your attention.

Like a broken link.

That’s how I rediscovered the following email written to promote an anti-aging product. After pondering the message contained within the reader desperately wanted to get a look at the sales letter but the poor fellow could not get the sales page to load.… read the full article

An Email Sequence To Promote Weight Loss Formula No. 1 – A Dietary Supplement From RealDose Nutrition

I would say it is almost impossible to avoid having to promote weight loss products if you are involved in any kind of personal health business.

This is because body weight, especially too much of it, plays an important role in general health and in particular with respect to the progression of disease.

People already know what to do to lose weight in terms of eating better and spending more time being physically active.… read the full article