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Writing Email Swipes To Promote Reclaim Your Longevity

Once in a while you will be unexpectedly reminded of an email you wrote because a reader hits the reply button and brings an issue to your attention.

Like a broken link.

That’s how I rediscovered the following email written to promote an anti-aging product. After pondering the message contained within the reader desperately wanted to get a look at the sales letter but the poor fellow could not get the sales page to load.… read the full article

An Email Sequence To Promote Weight Loss Formula No. 1 – A Dietary Supplement From RealDose Nutrition

I would say it is almost impossible to avoid having to promote weight loss products if you are involved in any kind of personal health business.

This is because body weight, especially too much of it, plays an important role in general health and in particular with respect to the progression of disease.

People already know what to do to lose weight in terms of eating better and spending more time being physically active.… read the full article

Creating Lead Magnets For Ageless Brain

Lead generation typically involves giving a prospect a free resource in exchange for their email address and the chance to ply them with arguments as to why they should become a customer of yours.

For the Ageless Brain promotion I ended up creating three of the resources we use as lead magnets.

Of those three, only the last one I am about to discuss directly focused on an aspect of brain health that would be immediately recognizable as such.… read the full article

An Email Sequence To Promote Brain Octane Oil – A Dietary Supplement From Bulletproof 360

As part of the discovery process for promotional angles for the Ageless Brain program I do end up checking out my fair share of brain science studies. Especially those publications dealing with the results of small-scale human clinical trials.

In particular, I pay attention to studies which look at the mitigating effects of certain natural foods or extracts on age-related cognitive impairment.… read the full article

What Is The Most Effective Approach To Filtering Your Leads?

How do you convince complete strangers that you’re the kind of person who can trusted to sell them something?

Something that won’t make them regret their decision to take a chance on you?

Simple. You get them to know, like, and trust you. Then you pitch them.

This is standard direct response doctrine. And one of the best ways to go about it is to get these complete strangers onto your newsletter and send them a sequence of messages containing the kind of material that will help them to gradually come to “know, like, and trust” you.… read the full article

An Email Sequence To Promote Omega Krill Complex – A Dietary Supplement From Bulletproof 360

Recently I set out to write a short series of emails to promote the fish oil supplement from Real Dose Nutrition.

As always, that means I do research to find what is unique about the product and what is essential about it from the point of view of the prospect.

Likewise, I am always on the lookout for the story I am unfamiliar with because it is likely to be a story the prospect is also unfamiliar with.… read the full article

Writing Email Swipes To Promote Ageless Brain

The very best way to promote someone else’s product?

In general, it does not involve “swiping” one of their pre-written emails, cutting and pasting in your affiliate referral link, and then blanket mailing to everyone on your newsletter.

However… Affiliates by and large are lazy. Or if they are not lazy, they are at least not looking to build a campaign from scratch in order to test your offer.… read the full article

An Email Sequence To Promote NeuroActiv6 – A Dietary Supplement For Brain Health

Whenever you create an autoresponder sequence to promote one of your own products you inevitably also find yourself promoting the products of others.

In this instance we are going to write a short sequence to promote NeuroActiv6, a dietary supplement for improved brain health.

The decision to focus on NeuroActiv6 (at least temporarily) was an easy one. That’s because our primary audience is made up of prospects for the Ageless Brain protocol.… read the full article

How To Write A Halfway Decent Abandoned Cart Email Sequence

According to a number of sources who report slightly different numbers (Google “abandoned cart rate” if you need to be convinced) as many as 70+ percent of your prospective customers are abandoning their shopping cart. Your shopping cart. The one that feeds your family.

Luckily there is something you can do about this. You can woo back your prospect with a suitable abandoned cart email sequence.… read the full article

How To Create A ClickBank Advertorial

I have dabbled with ClickBank for about a decade.

Sometimes as a vendor, sometimes as an affiliate, sometimes as the guy who creates pages which facilitate the flow of traffic through a ClickBank funnel.

It is that last category of ClickBank know-how to which I am going to add today.

I mm going to tell you how I recently incorporated advertorials into the arsenal of tools a ClickBank vendor can offer an affiliate so as to encourage them to promote.… read the full article