Whenever you create an autoresponder sequence to promote one of your own products you inevitably also find yourself promoting the products of others.

In this instance we are going to write a short sequence to promote NeuroActiv6, a dietary supplement for improved brain health.

The decision to focus on NeuroActiv6 (at least temporarily) was an easy one. That’s because our primary audience is made up of prospects for the Ageless Brain protocol.

Every month or so we remind our subscribers of the advantages of signing up for our 6-month training for improved brain health. But between those promotions we take the opportunity to throw the spotlight on related offers we believe are worthy of our subscriber’s attention.

As you read through the promotional messages presented below you will see why we settled on NeuroActiv6 as one of these “worthwhile” offers.

You will notice that the messages I came up with are fairly long. The reason: I assume a good deal of preselling will be required for any product that differentiates itself on the basis of a scientific claim.

In this case the claim is that NeuroActiv6 contains a unique blend of botanical ingredients which promotes the survival, growth, and rewiring of human brain cells.

Now we could just state the vendor’s highly promising claim and send our prospect off to the sales page and hope the message found there is adequate to the task of making the sale. But I prefer to investigate and clarify the claim myself in the email promotion, then rely on the vendor to solidify those ideas in their own words. In other words, persuasion through consistency of story.

Here’s how the NeuroActiv6 sequence shaped up.

PROMO #1: Setting Expectations

Regardless of how good I might believe the NeuroActive6 sales page to be, I do not intend to send my prospect to that page at any point during the first message.

Instead, I am going to concentrate on dimensionalizing the nature of the problem the supplement was specifically designed to solve. I am also going to take care not to alert the reader too early in the message to the existence of the supplement which happens to address this problem.

I want to pique the reader’s curiosity first by promising them a story about a very special protein manufactured in the brain. One that may have the power to thwart cognitive decline, even dementia.

This ought to be an easy sell. These readers are, after all, on the Ageless Brain prospect list.

But I am not going to just assume they will keep reading purely for the sake of their brains.

Instead I am going to do my best to present this “super protein”, around which my message will revolve, as something they would be mad to not want in on – thus teeing up expectations for the message to follow…

Because I am NOT going to link directly to the NeuroActiv6 sales page in this message (I am not even going to name the supplement) I will take to the opportunity to remind the reader of the availability of the Ageless Brain program.

But in the next message we will most certainly be encouraging the reader to take advantage of the NeuroActiv6 presentation…

SUBJECT: The Harvard professor called it brain fertilizer

NAME, I'm about to tell you the amazing story of a little-known master switch in your brain.

What does it switch on, you ask?

human brain

Practically everything that has anything to do with:

  • Ensuring the long-term survival of the brain cells in your hippocampus (the part or your brain responsible for sustained memory and learning capability).

  • Brain cell growth and rewiring, so that you can more efficiently utilize the brain cells you already have (think of it as kind of like a continuous software upgrade).

  • Adding NEW cells to your brain to replace those damaged, dying or dead. This is how you fight against age-related cognitive decline, and even the threat of dementia.

In other words...

While this might be the first time you are hearing about it, this "neuronal master switch" literally determines which parts of your brain circuitry will live or die.

A single gram of this substance, barely enough to fill a thimble, would cost you $38,800,000 if you could find a life-sciences company large enough to be able to meet your purchase order.

And why so prohibitively expensive?

Because this "super neuroprotectant" is a biologically active protein.

That means it cannot be pieced together in the laboratory from a simple chemical blueprint.

It can only be generated by living nerve cells.

Especially the kind that make up your brain.

So while it may take the production capacity of an entire biopharmaceutical facility to distil a few drops of this extraordinary "brain fertilizer", as one Harvard professor of psychiatry likes to call it...

Your brain can do this on command.

Certainly if the right conditions are met.

So what is this curious protein that holds such sway over our mental machinery?

It is a growth factor called "brain-derived neurotrophic factor".

Or BDNF for short.

Now, the human body produces a whole slew of growth factors which stimulate growth, repair, and regeneration processes for the different types of cells from which we are made.

Nothing overly remarkable in that.

But what makes BDNF so exciting is that prior to its discovery the human brain was thought to reach a developmental peak around the age of 20 years or so and then slowly deteriorate from that point on.

Brain scientists were sold on the notion that individual brain cells could only ever fall into a state of disrepair and then be marked for destruction and elimination from the body.

Replacement brain cells?

That just couldn't happen.

But it has turned out the brain is far more resilient than we thought.

It can add new brain cells, or neurons, all throughout our lives.

So long as we continue to generate BDNF.

This process is called neurogenesis.

In addition to its cell proliferation powers the brain can also use BDNF to rewire existing neurons.

That means new memories can be stored and we can continue to learn new skills and ways of understanding the world around us.

BDNF is like a magic elixir that allows for the possibility that our brain will remain sharp and fully operational well into old age.

Unfortunately, you probably won't be surprised to hear that our ability to keep generating this all-star super-neural protein fades over time.

The same thing happens with most of the other hormone or hormone-like switches that control our biology.

By the time we've hit middle age our energy levels are flagging, our metabolism is slowing down, our bone and muscle (and brain) tissues are wasting away...

Exactly at the time we need optimal levels of BDNF to rescue ours brains it is in precipitous decline.

In addition to declining cognitive performance (including memory loss, brain fog, impaired thinking/reasoning, and worsening physical abilities) low levels of BDNF have been linked to obesity and depression...

And even more serious neurodegenerative conditions like dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's disease.

So, as you can see, if there's one brain chemical you really want to keep topped up, it's BDNF!

Luckily there are ways to do this.

I cover these in my Ageless Brain program

So there are definitely options, one of which is to add a robust dose of high intensity exercise to your lifestyle.

I fully endorse this approach, because exercise provides a slew of benefits that go beyond just the boost it provides to your brain master switch.

But what if you want an EASIER way to pump up the amount of BDNF flowing through to those aging brain cells?

Cells that are now badly in need of its life-extending powers?

So that you can:

  • Form new memories more easily...

  • Learn faster, and better retain the newly acquired information...

  • Grow more brain cells in your memory center, the hippocampus, to replace those lost to the normal aging process and the brain-cell-zapping effects of stress...

Well, I've found a way to do exactly this.

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you how you can raise your BDNF levels by as much as 143 percent in less than one hour.

And it doesn't require a lick of exercise.

In fact this approach is so easy to squeeze into your regular routine that you can be done with it before you've finished breakfast and you are out the door to get on with your day.

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy this is going to be.

I know I was when I discovered it.

See you tomorrow,
Carolyn "for faster and easier brain health" Hansen

PROMO #2: The Solution – And The Proof To Back Up Our Claim…

Now that we have outlined the problem we can present the solution, which is a BDNF-boosting dietary supplement.

But first we will need to remind the reader what it is they have learned so far: about how the “brain repair” growth factor BDNF begins to fail us in middle age, and how its disappearance threatens the well-being of our long-term brain health.

Then it will be time to introduce NeuroActiv6 as the solution to the problem of dwindling brain power.

To back up our claim that this supplement is scientifically proven to get results we will cite some irrefutible-looking evidence, a graphic torn straight from a peer-reviewed science journal.

SUBJECT: How to drink your way to optimal brain health

Hey, it's Carolyn Hansen the brain master-switch lady...

At least, that's the title I'm going with today.

That's because yesterday I promised to introduce you to a quick and easy way to boost your brain master switch - the growth factor that lights up your brain for improved memory, learning ability, and mood.

Scientists believe this master switch also plays a significant role in your innate ability to resist cognitive decline and dementia...

You might remember that this "brain booster" is BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

In his book "Spark", John Ratey, who is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, described his fascination with the early research on BDNF.

He summarized how, when the researchers sprinkled the newly-isolated super protein onto brain cells in a petri-dish, the cells automatically sprouted new branches.

wired brain cells

It was the exact same behavior that cells inside a living brain will exhibit in response to any kind of learning stimulus.

This ability of BDNF to cause spontaneous cell growth caused Ratey to think of it as Miracle-Gro for the brain.

It's a nickname that has stuck.

Since that time an explosion in the number of research papers on the properties of the new "brain fertilizer" has sent companies scrambling to figure out ways to build new and better brain health supplements.

Unfortunately, after doing a bit of research of my own, I've discovered that not a lot of those new brain "revitalizers" are all that impressive...

But I did find ONE that made an impression on me.

In particular, it satisfies the key requirement I feel virtually guarantees the product will live up to its claimed ability to boost BDNF levels in your brain.

In this case by as much as 143 percent.

It's a brain supplement called NeuroActiv6:

This is how to drink your way to optimal brain health

Now, I can confidently give you the expected percentage boost in BDNF one hour after taking the supplement because NeuroActiv6 contains 100 milligrams of a substance known as NeuroFactor which has been proven in human clinical trials to raise BDNF in blood serum by the stated amount.

This is that key requirement I was referring to - a results-positive peer-reviewed human clinical trial conducted on the effects of the exact BDNF-boosting ingredient found in NeuroActiv6 (and in the exact same dosage).

BDNF increased by 148 percent

The study results, published in the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) showed that NeuroFactor, which is a whole coffee fruit concentrate (WCFC), causes plasma levels of BDNF to jump by an average of 143 percent.

That's more than a doubling of the amount of BDNF in your blood that can then bath your brain to assist in enhanced memory and learning tasks.

For a period of a couple of hours following every time you take this powder you're essentially doubling your brain power!

Better yet, because BDNF is instrumental in getting memories to stick (something the brain researchers refer to as long-term potentiation) that boost in brain power has long-term effects.

I mentioned yesterday that one way to pump up the amount of BDNF in your brain is to engage in strenuous exercise.

Exercise will do more than just stimulate brain development.

It will improve your cardiovascular health...

It will strengthen your bones...

It will add power to every part of your body by adding muscle mass wherever physical strength is needed to support you...

BUT, if you want a simple way to activate your brain's master switch for new brain cell growth...

If you want a drop dead easy way to enhance your memory and learning capability...

Then adding a glass of NeuroActiv6 to your breakfast is an excellent way to go about it.

It's called NeuroActiv6 because the berry-flavored powder you can mix with water, or put into your smoothie, contains six separate ingredients (including NeuroFactor) which assist with increasing the amount of BDNF in your blood serum.

But instead of telling you what those six ingredients are, and how they work, I'll leave that to the makers of NeuroActiv6 to do.

If you watch the video linked to below you'll see exactly why you don't have to get sweaty in the gym to build a better brain - which is especially useful if you don't have the time for that:

In my opinion, even if you are managing to get in 2-3 strenuous workouts every week, adding a daily supplement designed to improve your cognition and energy levels can only help you reach your brain health goals faster and lock in their benefits.

I wasn't kidding when I mentioned in the subject line of this message that you can literally drink your way to optimal brain health.

Also, it's worth re-emphasizing that when you pour a glass of NeuroActiv6 you are getting 100 milligrams of NeuroFactor, the whole coffee fruit concentrate (WCFC) which has been proven in human clinical trials (at the same 100 milligram dosage) to more than double the BNDF level in your brain.

So this is not guesswork - it is a tested protocol.

My recommendation?

Nix that morning glass of orange juice, or brain-jacking coffee.

Replace it with a glass of NeuroActiv6 and then assess how much more focused, alert, and productive you've become 30 days from now.

It's brain health in the form of a water-soluble flavored powder.

It's about as simple as taking care of your brain is ever going to get!

Carolyn Hansen

P.S. But exercise counts too in the war against cognitive decline, and I'm just off to the gym to put in a half hour's worth of squatting and dead lifts - my major BDNF stimulation exercises!

For those less motivated to pump iron, check out the Neuroactiv approach.

PROMO #3: Future Pacing The Reader

The last message in this trio addresses the core problem of aging brain – that they tend to become inflammed.

Inflammation is a key issue in the Ageless Brain program, so we point out how NeuroActiv6 soothes the inflamed brain using a blend of six specially-selected botanicals and we enourage the reader to watch the NeuroActiv6 video presentation on the vendor’s site.

We also paint a picture of life with and without NeuroActiv6 by concentrating on two specific social activities – one that is intended to be more for the male component of our audience (golfing), and another for the female segment (debriefing school-age children).

SUBJECT: A soothing drink to calm your nerves?

You know I care too much about your well-being to be talking about alcohol, right?

No - the drink I'm referring to won't damage the fine finger-like projections which facilitate communication between your brain cells.

That's what too much alcohol does.

It pickles your dendrites.

Instead, the drink I'm thinking about will have the exact opposite effect...

It's more like a berry-flavored "brain tonic".

One that soothes inflammed gray matter.

Hey, it's Carolyn Hansen, the creator of the Ageless Brain program.

As you may know, the root cause of cognitive decline is almost certainly brain inflammation.

Think of a scraped knee.

How it gets red and swollen and tender to the touch...

Well, that pretty much also describes the vast majority of aging brains today!

At least, that's how they might appear to us if we could peer beneath the veil of skin and bone that keeps almost everything we know about our brains hidden from us.

One result of this is that bad brain chemistry typically goes undetected.

So you won't wake up one morning, look in the mirror and think to yourself, "Holy moley, my brain isn't looking too hot today. I've got to see someone about that!"

Instead, the consequences will be much more subtle...

Your golf game will pack up.

You'll find, for some reason you simply cannot put your finger on, that you just cannot hit the ball straight for the life of you.

Or you'll keep zoning out while your son or daughter is trying to tell you about their day at school.

Nothing will quite seem to demand your full attention anymore...

Or your work, once your passion, will increasingly seem to leave you feeling "flat" and uninspired.

The number of ways an inflammed brain can ruin your quality of life and the quality of the lives of the people around you?

It's virtually endless.

That why, when it came to formulating his NeuroActiv6 "brain cocktail", Daryl Bryant spent a very long time trying to get his formula right:

Discover the drink designed to soothe your brain

Daryl found himself in need of a way to soothe his own brain after a bicycle accident left it battered and bruised.

In the space of a few days his brain acquired all of the internal trauma that an unmolested brain builds up to only after decades of neglect.

Daryl could have spent years trying to figure it all out on his own, but he got lucky.

A top brain specialist turned him on to the restorative powers of BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

If you remember from an earlier message, BDNF is like a master switch for the brain.

It's responsible for maintaining and building out the infrastructure of our brain circuitry so that it can continue to operate well into old age.

What Daryl needed after his injury was a way to SPEED UP his recovery process.

That got him looking at natural botanicals known to boost the brain's production of BDNF.

The star of the show is NeuroFactor.

It's a whole fruit coffee concentrate proven through human clinical trials to increase BDNF by as much as 143 percent within an hour of taking it.

The concentrate is made from the fruit of the coffee bean, the "cherry" component usually thrown away during the coffee-making process.

whole fruit coffee concentrate comes from the berry

Turns out this is the BEST part of the bean!

At least when it comes to taming an inflammed brain.

That's because the flesh of the coffee bean is rich in a class of potent antioxidants known as procyanidins.

It is these procyanidins which are thought to be responsible for the BDNF-enhancing effect.

But Daryl didn't stop at building his NeuroActiv6 formulation from just ONE botanical capable of soothing an unsettled brain.

He came up with FIVE more:

  • Citocoline
  • Ashwagandha
  • Curcuwin
  • Grape-seed extract
  • Organic mediterranean berries
Now, I could tell you about the unique benefits to your brain that each of these carefully-chosen nutrients provide...

But you'll get a much fuller account when you listen to this presentation from the makers of NeuroActiv6:

You'll learn why every ingredient has been included in the most bioavailable form so that your body can maximize its ability to generate brain-calming BDNF.

This is how you turn an inflammed brain into a brain that acts and feels 20 years younger.

So that your golf game has less chance of mysteriously going downhill.

So that your children warrant you as still worthy of their attention.

So you can look forward to remaining as sharp and vital in the years ahead as you have been until now.

Those are just a few of the expected "side effects" of taking NeuroActiv6 daily.

Here's another: no more chronic brain inflammation!

Carolyn Hansen


"I've been using it a month, and here's what I've noticed. After the very first day, my dreams immediately became more vivid and memorable, and they continue to be. And since then my mood has become overall more elevated, I'm better able to focus at work, and the moment is, for lack of better word, richer."
- Cathy

"[NeuroActiv6] began working almost immediately (not something I expected). Within 24 hours, I suddenly felt alert again when driving, which was a huge relief. It's also made me clearer headed in general, and I have an expansive happiness inside I'm still not used to. Is this the way people are supposed to feel? As a plus, I have FAR more energy."
- Diana Faith Adair


Could we do more promotional messages for this product?

Yes. For example, we could focus in on any of the six special ingredients, outlining how it delivers it’s soothing influence on the brain while helping to bolster levels of BDNF.