According to a number of sources who report slightly different numbers (Google “abandoned cart rate” if you need to be convinced) as many as 70+ percent of your prospective customers are abandoning their shopping cart. Your shopping cart. The one that feeds your family.

Luckily there is something you can do about this. You can woo back your prospect with a suitable abandoned cart email sequence.

I’m going to show you the 4 email messages I came up with recently to get the job done for the Ageless Brain promotion.

So, if you want to see in-the-trenches literal email copy from yours truly then keep reading…

But before I show you what it is I get paid to do, let me go over some of the practicalities of abandoned cart sequences. Because while the idea of an abandoned cart sequence seems genius you still have to figure out how to implement the thing!

To begin with, you cannot email someone without knowing their email address, so you need to get that sucker early in the checkout process. And that process needs to be as frictionless for the prospect as you can possibly make it.

Here’s how I went about it for the Ageless Brain reader…

Inserting Yourself Into The Order Process…

Ordinarily when someone clicks on the “order now” button they will either be taken to a checkout page, or the item they wish to purchase will be added to a shopping cart. In our case it’s the former process: the user would normally be directed to a ClickBank checkout page.

But we want to insert ourselves into the space that exists between the prospect clicking on the order button and landing at the off-site (checkout) location where they are beyond our control. So we intercept the click and pop up a dialog box requesting the user’s name and email address. Nothing else.

To encourage the user to supply this information we point out that their email address is going to be needed for delivery of the product. This is true, it is an information product. But even if it was a physical product the email address would be needed for delivery of an order confirmation email (their “order receipt”). Your prospective customer ought to be able to understand this, so collecting their name and email address at this point should not to be a problem. It is a normal requirement of the checkout process…

But to make it even easier we prepopulate the dialog box with the user’s name and email address if we happen to know those. In many instances we do because we have already collected this information when they opted in for a free resource.

When the prospect clicks on the “order now” button we ask for name and email address before allowing them to proceed…

Once the user submits this information they are instantly added to our abandoned cart email list. No matter what happens from this point on, we can communicate with them if needed.

Reminder #1: Hmm… Did You Forget Something?

In practice, if a prospect DOES abandon their cart we will send our first follow up message four hours later. If they have not resumed the checkout process by then we can be reasonably sure they have gone on with their day and put us out of their mind…

In which case, we need to put ourselves back in.

So how many abandoned cart emails should we send to re-ignite interest in our offer?

Ezra Firestone, who wrote a very useful article on cart abandonment rescue, suggests a good number would be five messages. I settled on four, but at I am betting the sweet spot is more than two.

Also, if your prospect was interested enough to add your item to your shopping cart (or head to checkout) they should be able to withstand at least three messages reminding them why that was such a brilliant move on their part (even if they did fail to complete the mission).

Ezra claims: “Ecommerce customers who receive multiple abandoned shopping cart emails are 2.4 times more likely to complete the purchase than those who receive only one follow up email.” So multiple reminder emails it is.

What should you write in that first message?

Everyone seems to agree: you want to stick with the basics. Remind the person that they were on your site and got as far as putting the item in the cart before getting interrupted. Remind them what the item is. Then wrap up by providing them with a link to get back to the cart so they can finish up the process. Easy peasy.

Here’s the first message for the Ageless Brain abandoned cart email sequence. Frankly it’s rather plain but I’m trusting in the “just the basics” approach here. I’ll save my creativity for the follow up messages where entertainment and my talents of persuasion are more likely to be required.

SUBJECT: Got interrupted on your Ageless Brain journey?

Hey, it's Carolyn Hansen, creator of the Ageless Brain program.

I just wanted to check whether you are still interested in having me help you reprioritize the health of your brain...

There are 2 really good reasons you might want to join me:

  • The 1st is so that you can benefit from better mental performance in the short term.
  • The 2nd reason is so that you can protect yourself from potentially catastrophic cognitive decline in the years ahead...

As you've probably guessed, my smart as a whip shopping cart logged your interest in taking the next step in your Ageless Brain journey.

But somewhere along the way you got interrupted.

That's OK. Perhaps the phone rang and you never got to the order page. Or maybe you needed time to think over whether making the small investment in this program is worth the potential payoff.

I'm confident it is (I cannot stress too highly the value of a properly functioning brain when it comes to your quality of life!)

If you'd like to return to the order page and complete your purchase of a six-month Ageless Brain membership, you can do so here:

Click here to order Ageless Brain

I'd love to have you on board.

Carolyn "the brain-strengthening lady" Hansen

P.S. If instead you wish to return to the sales page to review the offer you can reach it by clicking on this link:

I know. It’s so dreary I can barely stand to look at it. But we’re sending it out 4 hours after the prospect has read the sales page. It should be fresh in their minds.

Besides that, the tone of the sales letter was on the heavier rather than the lighter side and I don’t want to break too much from that. Not yet.

As you can see I have reminded the reader what the product is they were interested in, given them a couple of benefits associated with using it, and suggested a possible justification for them not having yet completed the purchase (“maybe you got interrupted”).

Then I address the most obvious objection to EVERY contemplated purchase – the cost.

And that’s it. We sign off with a reminder of who we are (“the brain-strengthening lady”).

Reminder #2: I’ve Got Your Back

The operating assumption for that first message is that the prospect got interrupted during checkout and then forgot about us. But if they still have not purchased by the following day (after receiving our first follow up) we have to rule out that possibility.

We have to assume something else is holding them back, and begin addressing the possible objections to moving forward…

This time I’m going to be more playful. If our sales letter with its somber tone has not managed to convince them of the utmost need to address the issue facing them (failing brain health) perhaps they need to be warmed to the personality of the narrator.

As we write more messages we will crank the knob. By golly, we will entertain them into submission, if that is what it takes…

With the dial slightly cranked we tackle a possible major objection. What if the program fails to live up to its promises?

How am I protected against feeling duped out of my money?

SUBJECT: Did you still want this?

Hello there NAME.

I think I'm getting through to you and you've become concerned about the welfare of your brain (as you ought to be).

What makes me so sure about this?

Let's call it a hunch. But yesterday you were either sufficiently interested enough in the idea of joining my Ageless Brain program to go ahead and enter your name and email address into my shopping cart...

Or you did it just to tease me!

Call me optimistic if you like, but I favor the notion that you're ready to become the newest member of my program.

If I had you at hello then here's the shortcut you were waiting for to get you back to the order page:

Click here to skip the sales page and order now

Select your payment option and you'll be inside the Ageless Brain members area within the next two minutes.

Now, if you haven't yet clicked the link above and you're inclined to keep reading...

Then something is obviously holding you back.

That big beautiful brain of yours, the one I so desperately want to help you preserve in all its wondrous glory, has gone on the defensive.

I can almost hear it coming up with excuses not to act.

"What if it's all a ruse?"

"What if, despite all the promises about helping me safeguard against cognitive decline in the years ahead, and all the crap a weakening brain would foist upon my life, I just don't see the value in what I'm getting for my money?"

"What then?"

In that case NAME, you are covered by my unconditional Immutable Brain money-back guarantee.

I go into more detail on what this is on the Ageless Brain sales page. But it essentially boils down to this...

Take 60 days to assess the program and if you don't think you are getting any value from it then you can ask for a refund with no questions asked.

You are fully covered - no risk whatsoever.

Of course, that big brain of yours might have come up with any number of different objections to joining the program today.

Any one of them potentially has the power to stall you for good and ensure you never get around to stemming the damage to your brain that kicks in around middle age and doesn't let up unless you intervene directly.

Ageless Brain is your cognitive decline intervention program.

Or it will be if you just trust your gut and finish up with the order process you began yesterday.

Here's where you can do that (click for order page)

Talk soon,
Carolyn Hansen

P.S. If instead you wish to return to the sales page to review the offer you can reach it by clicking on this link:

Reminder #3: A Message From The Future

Day three. If the prospect is still on our list at this stage (we move them off the moment they purchase) it is time to crank the dial a little more.

This time we are going to future pace. We are going to show them the result of having gone through our program. And we are going to do this by imagining they are writing a letter to themselves six months from now which they are posting back through time…

So yeah, prospect. Just try to ignore this message from yourself. We dare ya!

SUBJECT: Congrats, you did the right thing...

NAME, this is your Future Brain, calling across the ages.

Well, calling across the intervening 6 months which have passed since you jumped on Carolyn Hansen's Ageless Brain training and began taking charge of the health of your brain.

You'll be pleased to know that in the end, despite your wavering commitment to getting started, you DID finally take the plunge.

You clicked on the following link which took you to the order page and allowed you to forever change (for the better) the way you now think about and take action on matters relating to the health of your brain:

The very hyperlink that altered the way you think

Now everything has changed.

The things that used to bug you, like:

  • Fear of losing your mind as the loss of brain cells snowballs...
  • Worry about who will take care of you in your old age as reality begins to give way to a hallucinogenic dream state...
  • Uncertainty about exactly how many "good years" you have left before you are so mentally taxed you have to step aside and allow someone else to take your job...
All those concerns?

Gone. Because you did the right thing and took action when the opportunity presented itself to you.

Sure, six months is not a lifetime, and we have our work cut out for us.

We'll need to be vigilant. On our toes. Ready to recognize when we may be taking an action more likely to HARM us than to HELP us remain prime and vital.

But, Present Brain, you're up to the task.

I know that because I am you, 6-months evolved under the guidance of Carolyn Hansen's brain health training, and I am a brain that kicks butt.

So you will be too.

But to be ABSOLUTELY sure of this I need you to do one thing for me...

I need you to erase the time-continuum discontinuity that allows you to be reading this message 6 months before you will be in the position to write it.

You can do that by going here and finishing up your Ageless Brain order:

Then you clicked here and ordered Ageless Brain

Present Brain, there's a lot to love about you (I should know).

Let's keep it that way and get with this brain health program while we're still able to make the good decisions for ourselves that we have been able to make until now!

Being able to think with clarity of reason, with good temperament, and with the ability to focus our attention on what will really make a difference to our lives has been enormously beneficial...

That's not something we EVER want to see go away, don't you agree?

We'll talk again in 6 months.

- Future Brain

Reminder #4: Hello? Is Anyone There?

The final day.

So far our prospect has resisted every attempt to lure them back to the order page.

Now it is time to make that last-ditch effort.

So… We will be charmingly pathetic. We will be provocative. We will lay on the flattery. We will try to scare them. We will resort to every cheap trick we know to elicit some kind of reaction from our so far utterly resistant audience.

I mean, at this point what do we have to lose, right?

SUBJECT: Beginning to think you forgot about me...

But that's OK NAME, because I would be the first to admit I'm not all that memorable...

I'm just a shopping cart.

A weirdly-intelligent shopping cart.

A spookily-smart cart, if you like.

Because I know some things about you.

Like that you've been to the Ageless Brain sales page and you went so far as to click through to the order page to become a member.

Brilliant move, by the way.

This shows you know that if you don't begin to take action soon your brain could one day end up looking like the AFTER photo in some horrible case study about what happens to neglected cranial matter as we advance beyond our middle years.

If you could see that photo it would look like Swiss cheese.

Riddled with holes.

Where once upon a time the space teemed with thriving brain cells, now it would have these gaping non-functional fissures and pits.

Because that's what happens when your brain slowly transitions away from its prime and you allow a multitude of nefarious (and hidden) influences to nibble away at your command center.

Your brain is your command center.

To expect the rest of your body and the rest of your life to run well when your brain is impaired would be as foolhardy and as dangerous as to expect a fleet of circling airplanes to attempt to land safely without the assistance of a competent air traffic controller.

Needless to say, these situations do NOT end well.

So I know you thought about this, decided this kind of future is NOT one you are willing to risk, and you took that first step to help ensure you remain fully in control of your mental health in the years ahead.

You made the right call.

But then you stopped.

For the love of all things conducive to lasting mental harmony, you stopped!

Perhaps you need a few words of encouragement from doctors who know Carolyn Hansen personally and can testify to her commitment to ensuring a quality experience on the other side of that buy button:

  • "I have been following Carolyn's work over the past couple of years. I am so impressed with her passion in helping others reach their full potential."

    - Patrick K. Porter, Ph.D.
    Best Selling Author of "Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century"

  • "I have known Carolyn as her health advisor for more than a decade. She continues to amaze me with her understanding of wellness and her never ending quest to be continuously striving to be 'better'."

    - Dr Kamal Karl, MBBS, FRNZCGP, FACNEM.
    Integrative Medicine Specialist
Of course, while a few kind words from people who know a thing or two about the importance of mental health is reassuring, there's no substitute for direct experience.

That's why to get the very best feeling for how Carolyn's Ageless Brain training can help you lock in a lifetime of optimal brain health and significantly reduce your odds of ever having to deal with brain disease of ANY kind (including dementia) you really need to just pinch your nose and jump in at the deep end of the pool!

Like you almost did 3 days ago when you woke me up and said "Let's do this thing!"

Here's me saying I'm ready to help you do just that.

All you need to do now is...

click on this link back to me

and I will secure your spot as the newest member of Carolyn Hansen's Ageless Brain program.

Because NAME, that's what I do.

- Pretty Smart Cart

Remember, according to Ezra Firestone who knows a thing or two about sending abandoned cart email sequences, you will more than DOUBLE your return on investment with your sequence if you make multiple attempts to win the trust of your prospect.

So don’t be content to write just one solicitation for their business.

Be inventive. Show them you will do what it takes to win them over.