Years ago I was involved in helping to prepare copy for an online summit. The event turned out to be poorly attended, and basically a disaster, which is not atypical for online summits.

As a reminder, or in case this type of event has managed to pass you by, a summit is a hosted series of “talks” with supposedly distinguished personalities who all share some common interest. The idea is to meter out the talks, a few per day, for perhaps a week. During this time attendees are encouraged to purchase the collection of talks in lieu of having to show up every day at times inconvenient to the average person – like in the middle of their work day.

There were clear signs early on that this summit likely would not run the way its organizers hoped it would.

The first inkling came when I learned I would be tasked with writing the sales letter for a product that had yet to be created. Not only did I not have access to the summit interviews, from which I might have extracted compelling information to help entice people to register for the event, neither was I to be provided with a list of the people to be interviewed, or even the subjects they would be discussing.

Needless to say, I did a horrible job selling the product about which nothing was known.

A few months later life got a little easier. The interviews had been conducted, and although I never did get to set eyes or ears on them I did at least learn the identities of the “experts” who were interviewed. This list was provided to me to help with the creation of one of the staple promotional tools for online summits. I was going to write “swipes”. These are prewritten email messages which affiliates can use as solicitation pieces for their list of newsletter subscribers.

My job was to write a series of emails to promote each of the separate speakers. That way an affiliate would be able to sift through the personalities and choose to promote the handful of talks that might best resonate with their audience.

As it happened, there were thirty separately interviewed experts for this event, the theme of which was loosely defined as performance living.

But I was not going to attempt to write swipes about all of them. Ten seemed like a reasonable number. So off I went to scour their web sites and learn as much as I could by visiting their About page.

Of course, not everyone turns out to be as impressive as their “expert” designation suggests they might be. This can make the goal a little harder to achieve, which is to find an enticing hook, or a worthwhile story to tell, something sufficiently engaging enough to give your subscriber reason enough to consider clicking through and registering for the event.

In the end I was only able to convince myself that seven of these thirty or so superstars were swipe worthy. By adding a couple more swipes of a more general nature I managed a total of nine swipes. I am reasonably sure I felt I had exhausted the possibilities by that point.

Below you will find those nine swipes.

I had thought to present to you just those I still like, and not include the ones I am less impressed with. But I think there’s more value to be had from looking at them as a set and simply admit that this is the best I could come up with at the time given what I had to work with. And even though I still cringe when I think about all the wasted time and effort that went into preparing for this event, I do think these swipes are worth checking out if you find yourself tasked with trying to promote an event that hinges on personalities and their back story, which is a fairly common occurrence if you do anything that involves online speakers.

At any rate, at least a couple of these swipes strike me as being quite good.

Let’s have a look them now.

SWIPE #1: Setting The Stage

The purpose of the first message was to explain the motivation for the event and what someone might expect as a result of attending it. Notably, this rationalization of the summit turned out to be more aspiration than realization. I got the distinct impression that the organizers of the event abandoned the theme when it came to the interviews and that they allowed their subjects to dictate the content of their interview.

Be that as it may, I wrote these swipes according to the story going on in my head about what was going to happen and not what necessarily did happen…

To protect the identities of the event organizers I have changed their names to Richie Rich and Casper, The Friendly Ghost, thereby giving you some insight into the nature of the comics I was reading as a child.

SUBJECT: These 30 experts will reveal the ONE THING that guarantees success...

Hey - it's PartnerName,

What happens when you invite 30 of the world's leading experts on performance living to spill their secrets?


Well, you'll shortly be able to find out.

Because as a member of my list I'm inviting you to a special online event designed to answer exactly this question.

Here's what's in store in the days ahead for those who decide to attend this exclusive event...

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

My friend Dr. Richie Rich has convinced 30 high achievers in the areas of health, finance, and personal growth to sit down with him so that he can extract the ONE THING they say has been responsible for their immense success.

All for your benefit.

And all because Richie and his co-host, fitness expert Casper, The Friendly Ghost, had noticed something strange over the years.

In fact for decades they had mixed it up with some of the world's most capable types as they climbed professionally in their own careers.

But they also came across people who simply could not make the journey with them.

People who faltered. Repeatedly.

Not for lack of trying either.

So this question slowly formed in the minds of our hosts for the upcoming summit...

What was it the high-achievers were doing that SO outdistanced them from the rest of the pack?

Why did they succeed - seemingly almost without effort - year after year, decade upon decade?

Well, eventually that question got the better of Richie and Casper and the result (where they sought to learn the answer to it) is The Performance Living Summit.

For 7 straight days you'll get access to no less than 4 interview sessions with these bastions of utter domination.

No matter what their chosen field, these people can rightly be said to be crushing it.

And they believe you can use their secrets to do EXACTLY the same.

You'll hear from experts in the elevation of brain function, the sharpening of the physical senses for all the benefits this entails, and even the attainment of happiness, abundance, and fulfillment.

You'll hear how to conquer menopause, and not only survive, but thrive in your 40s, your 50s, and beyond.

Maybe your life feels out of balance right now...

Well, these talks are all about fixing exactly that problem, and then taking it to the next level...

Richie and Casper even have a speaker who reveals the exact strategies you can employ to achieve superhuman performance WITHOUT destroying your body.

Honestly - there's something for everyone in this amazing collection of sessions.

But they'll only be FREE for a very short time, so do take advantage of the opportunity to access them here, while you can.

I'll certainly be attending this event.

And the great thing is that I don't have to go anywhere to do it.

That's because the summit is an online event.

You can watch every session (or just the ones that interest you) from the comfort of home.

So go claim your FREE ticket now and get access to the entire list of speakers and their upcoming talk schedule.

You can find it all here - click for access


SWIPE #2: They’re Super Human

If you can find a way to do it, the way to sell the value of a specific talk is to sell the personality of the person being interviewed. This is why I scoured the About pages of the speakers. But in this case the title of the talk did most of the selling for me.

After all, who wouldn’t like to be able to flick a switch when the situation demanded it and gain the powers of a super?

You may have noticed that I am including an image in each of these messages. The theme is performance living, so I chose images showing people who appeared to be living according to that standard. Of course, these were just stock images, but they acted as my “visual proof” element.

SUBJECT: Real life Iron Man reveals secret of superhuman performance

Have you ever wondered about those seemingly incongruous scenes in the superhero movies?

Like when Tony Stark puts on his Iron Man suit and suddenly his body can withstand incredible "g" forces?

You know - the kind that ordinarily should snap a guy in two... but somehow don't?

That's something my friend Dr. Richie Rich got to wondering when he received an unusual title for one of the interview sessions for his FREE online summit:

Click here to access these talks for a SHORT TIME only.

The title of that curious talk?

How To Achieve Super Human Performance Without Destroying Your Body

This illuminating session with fitness superstar Ben Greenfield is just ONE of 30 amazing interviews Richie has recorded for the summit.

Ben, an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, and Spartan racer, has a lot to say about just what it takes to transition from a life of ordinariness to the kind of life most of us imagine could never truly be realized.

Not by mere mortals like you and me.

But, as you'll discover in this eye-opening series of interviews with 30 of the world's leading experts in the art of performance living... it IS possible.

To learn how - get yourself across to the registration page for the summit today:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

Sign up now so that you're assured of getting access to every one of these sessions before they disappear forever!


SWIPE #3: They’re Complex People

This swipe might be my favorite.

When I found the speaker had a connection to a celebrity figure I had to go all in on that one thread in her life.

Normally I will provide a few different subject lines to go along with the swipe. But occasionally a subject line will seem so strong to me that I’ll want to reference it immediately on opening the message, which was the case here. When that happens I’m stuck with a single subject line which cannot easily be swapped for another if it does not perform well. So that is the trade off for tieing the message directly to the subject line. On the other hand, this approach does speed things along…

SUBJECT: She schooled Alanis Morissette in the art of relationships

But thankfully, NOT before the guitar-strumming, singing, and songwriting "World, you need to know my pain!" ball of broken-relationship angst had a chance to get it all down on that bitter gem of an album she called her Jagged Little Pill.

Yet, one small change in the flow of history and that record might never have been made...

Luckily for us Alanis Morissette wouldn't get the chance to cross paths with "The Relationship Whisperer" until much later in her career.

I'm talking about the woman who declared on the Oprah show that she can teach anyone how to annihilate "The ONE Major Cause of Relationship Problems".

It's the very same claim she's now making in her session of The Performance Living Summit, to which you can get FREE access right now - but only for a LIMITED time:

Click here to access these talks for a SHORT TIME only.

If you've ever wondered why the relationship pain and despair seemed to vanish almost overnight from Alanis's music...

You guessed it.

This woman is TOTALLY to blame.

On the other hand, if in your own life the idea of ridding yourself of MAJOR relationship stress doesn't seem like a terrible idea...

If the thought of relationship BLISS doesn't actually scare you off completely...

If you're not currently expected to write the kind of music that helps millions of young heart-broken girls who are having a rough go of it...

Well, maybe you might want to get across to The Performance Living Summit and get access to Dr. Richie Rich's interview session with Dr. Margaret Paul.

If you want to rid yourself, as Alanis did, of The ONE Major Cause of Relationship Problems then here's your chance to do it:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

Oh, you'll also be getting access to 29 more interviews with leading experts in the art of getting the very best from life that you can.

It's all happening March 21st through March 27th.


SWIPE #4: They’re Really Successful People

It is hard to pass up listening to stories from successful people. Clearly they know something the rest of us ought to know as well.

In this instance the speaker specializes in preaching her form of gospel to women who run a business, so I use the subject line to filter out the males in our audience and draw in just the women.

SUBJECT: She empowers women by telling them to get a grip...

A grip on their business, that is.

That's because women, she says, are running scared when it comes to matters of finance.

"They have their heads in the sand."

She claims they're far less inclined than men are to take a serious look at their business numbers and make an objective decision about how to proceed.

So - if you haven't already registered for the FREE Performance Living Summit, which you can still do for a LIMITED time (by clicking on this image):

then Sylvia Chierchia's interview session with Dr. Richie Rich is yet one more reason to jump on this while you still have the chance to do so...

Especially if you sense that you may be running your business blind, making it extremely tough to get your financial health, and your life, off the ground.

To hear Sylvia Chierchia - a financial empowerment mentor to female business owners - deliver her Know Your Numbers talk before it is LOCKED AWAY for good simply register here:

Hear Sylvia Chierchia speak in The Performance Living Summit...

Guys - odds are you'll get something out of this too.

In fact, anyone running a business today, man or woman, HAS to know their numbers if they are ever going to be able to scale up in a profitable way.

This really is the secret to getting ahead and ultimately being afforded the opportunity to make of your life everything you believe it should be.

When you register for the Performance Living Summit you'll also get access to 29 more talks.

These represent lessons from people who, like Sylvia, have mastered some critical aspect of health, wealth, or personal improvement.

For a SHORT TIME only these experts are willing to share with you the valuable insights that have been most responsible for the incredible successes in their life.

If you'd like to turn their hard-won lessons into your own "shortcuts to success" simply go here to register for the Performance Living Summit:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

It runs from March 21st through March 27th.


SWIPE #5: One Of The Many Uses For Time Magazine

Now we are at swipe number five and I am already out of interesting personalities and stories I might use. When that happens it’s time to begin getting creative.

For this swipe I decided to weave a mindfulness theme out of some of the notions I had come across that unified several of the speakers, even though I had no idea whether or not anyone was going to talk on this subject.

I notice in this swipe that I also refer to a Time Magazine story on the subject of mindfulness which I had just read. More than likely this was what decided the nature of “message #5”.

SUBJECT: Why your brain may have a lot of explaining to do...

According to one of the speakers for the rapidly approaching Performance Living Summit, because of it's effect on your brain, your choice of food will determine your eventual station in life.

Just how far up the ladder you can ultimately go...

Another says that until you rewire your brain that giant donut encircling your midsection won't be going anywhere fast.

Yet another says mere "mindfulness" - the simple act of being more aware of the universe of which you are a part - can massively reduce your stress load.

To find out just why these performance experts are so obsessed with what might be called the "self-imposed limitations" of the mind you'll want to get yourself over to the Performance Living Summit:

Do it now - before the window to register for its FREE sessions closes for good.

Even Time magazine felt it important enough to remind me this week how that last summit speaker might be right on the money with his assessment of mindfulness.

That, according to a recent study, "people with high mindfulness scores were 86 percent more likely to have good cardiovascular health".

In other words, if you are "mindful" you are way LESS likely to keel over one day from a sudden and unanticipated heart condition.

Not only that, but "some forms of meditation practice may even slow the biological signs of aging..."

Well, it all SOUNDS like good news.

But, when you take a moment to think about it, it's also really kind of scary.

Your brain may well be THE most complex piece of machinery ever devised by the hand of creation.

And yet in all likelihood you don't have the foggiest idea about how it works.

None of us do.

But, as you'll discover on listening to the mind-obsessed high-achievers who will be spilling their SECRETS at the Performance Living Summit, knowing just a little more than the other fellow can get you a LONG way towards where you want to go...

And that, I suppose, IS good news.

But only if you take a few minutes to actually make those secrets your own, which you can do here for a SHORT TIME only:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

After that, the summit doors close.

Access to these FREE sessions - with 30 top health, wealth, and personal growth practitioners - then disappears forever...

So be sure to take advantage of this opportunity while you still can.

The summit runs from March 21st through March 27th.


SWIPE #6: Sexy Vampires

By the time it came to writing swipe number six I must have thought there was no way I could spend the next few swipes resorting to pure imagination. Because it appears I went back and found another speaker to write about.

The trouble was, his area of expertise looked to be diabetes and this did not strike me as a compelling topic for the theme of the event. So I did my best to make the subject of “sticky blood” a little more interesting by resorting to an arresting image. Cheating to be sure, but sometimes upstaging your copy with a bit of glitz feels like the right thing to do…

SUBJECT: When sugar makes your bloody sticky, this happens...

What's the ONE thing that will ultimately hold you back from realizing your full potential?

It's something that, once it disappears from your life, can be incredibly hard to get back.

Perhaps not surprisingly this topic comes up again and again in the speaker sessions of the Performance Living Summit, which if you haven't registered for them already, I urge you to do now (before the doors close):

Click here for your Performance Living Summit FREE ticket

In his session, Dr. Brian Mowll will be focusing on what today may be the NUMBER ONE factor responsible for keeping people from realizing the performance lifestyle.

If you've already guessed it has something to do with your HEALTH then you're on the right track.

Anytime you walk out of your doctor's office with a diagnosed condition your dreams for the good life (perhaps even for ANY life) tend to recede pretty darned fast.

To protect your dream you need to first protect your health.

And perhaps the BIGGEST health threat in front of us today is the one that Dr. Mowll specializes in...

It's a condition you may ALREADY have but not know it because you can remain free of symptoms for a very long time.

I'm talking about type 2 diabetes - which kicks in when your body loses its ability to properly regulate sugar metabolism.

One of the little-known consequences of this disease is that sugar builds up in your blood and actually makes your hemoglobin sticky.

This can quickly become a very BIG problem.

That's because hemoglobin is the molecule in your blood that transports oxygen from your lungs to every cell in your body.

And if two or more of these sticky hemoglobins should find each other before they make it to a far away cell in your toes or finger tips?

They stick together and refuse to give up their precious cargo of oxygen.

Tingly fingers and toes may be signals that parts of your body are suffocating.

And that's just the BEGINNING of the miseries that a diagnosis of diabetes can inflict upon you.

The performance lifestyle?

Not a chance.

That's why I'm seriously recommending you check out not only Dr. Brian Mowll's talk in the FREE series of Performance Living Summit talks, but also the 29 other talks from experts in their chosen fields of health, finance, and personal growth.

You can find them all here, but for a LIMITED TIME only:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

The bottom line: investing in your health is undoubtedly the best form of investment you'll ever make.

In fact that may be the biggest lesson the summit has to teach.

If you ever hope to be able to realize your full potential, and operate at the levels exhibited by the contributors to this summit, the importance of knowing how to care for yourself CANNOT be overstated.

Note: The summit runs from March 21st through March 27th and you will not be able to get access to these sessions for FREE after that date.

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now


SWIPE #7: They’re Sophisticated People

With swipe number seven I am back to being imaginative and attempting to weave together a theme using little more than nostalgia.

Once again I am using music to try to engage the reader, as I did in swipe number three. This is a bit of a cheap trick, especially as the summit has nothing to do with that topic. But if you can see a way to work it into the message you want to get across…

Actually I quite like this swipe because it evokes, at least for me, the atmosphere of a memorable musical evening, even if I was not there to experience the real thing.

I chose Neil Diamond and Hot August Night for this piece as I have memories from the seventies of my parents sitting around outside at night drinking and socializing with their friends as this music and Neil Diamond’s laid back voice floated out from the house.

SUBJECT: If your life was put to music – would it be this?

More than 40 years ago Neil Diamond stood on the stage of the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

It was a hot August night.

As those who had gathered in the amphitheater waited for the charismatic singer to emerge from the darkness a low violin began to cut through the murmur of the crowd...

Rolling Stone magazine would later describe the music of this show as "great, pretentious, goofy pop" with a flair for the melodramatic.

The magazine got it right.

And somewhere on that stage, mostly lost to history now, was a conductor...

Listening to the recording of that soaring violin crescendo today it is easy to imagine him, arms hung before his orchestra as he stirred them slowly to action...

Why am I relating to you this long-forgotten moment in 70's pop concert reverie?

It is because one of the take away lessons from the Performance Living Summit is that each and every life is a symphony of sorts.

And we all play the role of conductor.

Every one of us.

It is WE who are ultimately responsible for stirring the music that would describe our lives...

Right now you can get access to 30 recordings of interview sessions carried out with top personalities in a selection of niches that span health, finance, and self improvement.

FREE for a short time only, these sessions reveal the ONE thing most responsible for the success of these carefully-selected high achievers.

For the next few days only you can see and hear them share their secrets with Dr. Richie Rich - right here:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit here...

Now, maybe your life doesn't always FEEL like a grand symphony spurred on by the love and appreciation of a supportive crowd.

But what if it could?

What if all you were missing was some vital ingredient easily supplied by someone who had already figured it out for themselves?

Wouldn't that be something?

To ALWAYS feel that your "music" played an essential role in the lives of others?

Well, that's what the Performance Living Summit is all about.

To help identify SHORTCUTS to the kind of successes that each and every one of us deserves to enjoy - WITHOUT needing to work it all out from scratch!

From March 21st through March 27th the doors of the Performance Living Summit will be open to all.

But tickets are LIMITED to those dates only - so be sure to grab your spot now for this online event while you still can:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

If you feel even a tinge of music stirring within you - don't wait - those notes won't write themselves!

If you want to bring your music to life, you have to TAKE ACTION.

The purpose of the Performance Living Summit is to help you do exactly that.

Talk later,

SWIPE #8: Wherein I Resort To A Universal Theme

Desperation setting in now. What to write about?

I settled on a “life after 50” theme that allowed me to point to four summit personalities who might reasonably have been expected to be able to offer some insight into how to tackle the problems of middle age.

You can probably sense from my “cooking” theme in this message (and you would be correct for thinking it) that I was preoccupied with the idea that we weren’t 100 percent in control of what was going on with our summit…

SUBJECT: LIFE AFTER 50 – Secrets to turning back the clock

Creating an online summit is somewhat of an unpredictable affair...

You know the recipe going in, but you're never quite certain about how the "cake" will emerge from the oven...

It's as though genesis and mayhem enjoy the other's company.

The Performance Living Summit proved to be no exception to this "law of chaotic cooking", as you'll see in just a moment.

Before I tell you why, let me remind you that this FREE series of interviews with 30 proven experts in the art of high performance (in all its various guises) can still be accessed here for a SHORT TIME longer:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

After their cake was baked, so to speak, Dr. Richie Rich and Casper, The Friendly Ghost, the summit hosts, detected certain well-developed notes of flavor in the tasting.

The most prominent of those findings?

That many of the speakers had STRONG opinions on what the rest of us should be doing to prepare for LIFE AFTER 50.

In hindsight this should not be the least bit surprising - dialing in the high performance lifestyle requires time.

Sometimes a LOT of it.

Many of the 30 experts Richie convinced to sit down with him have been hard at work for decades.

Their secrets to success the result of long hours of toil and hundreds of blind alleys followed.

That's what makes their SHORTCUTS TO SUCCESS so valuable to anyone looking to shift their life into higher gear.

You literally get to hear how to avoid the steep investment in time and effort paid by those who earned a spot at the Performance Living Summit table.

In addition to 26 more sessions, when you register for the Performance Living Summit today you'll hear from:

* A fat loss expert who teaches how to eat for energy while avoiding the seemingly inevitable hormonal issues associated with aging.

* An exercise physiologist and functional aging expert whose innovative strategies banish pain while optimizing performance in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond.

* A single mother of three and stress management expert who helps women survive the trauma of menopause so they can continue to rock it in their 50s!

* A personal fitness trainer whose mission it is to add more power-packed, passionate and profitable days to the lives of the 50+ generation than most would believe possible.

That's FOUR fantastic sessions with an elite group of folks ready to share with you their secrets to solving the energy problem!

If you've already hit the BIG FIVE OH then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

An antidote to those energy-zapping days?

It's literally priceless information...

And remember, this represents just a FRACTION of the information about health, wellness, and fitness that you'll unearth in these FREE sessions.

But the only way to get access to them before they disappear forever, is to get across to the summit today and REGISTER for the sessions here:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

Note: The summit runs from March 21st through March 27th and you will not be able to get free access to these sessions after that date.


SWIPE #9: The Whims Of Passion

The final swipe.

From what I can tell by looking back over this message it was inspired by nothing more than the stories I was being exposed to that week while trying to come up with ideas. Perhaps a random Youtube video or an article I read in Time Magazine.

Either way, the inspiration was not coming from the speakers of the summit. By this point I was willing to fill my quota by writing about anything even remotely associated with the notion of “performance living”.

That I settled on the subject of passion for this last swipe probably indicates how desperate I was to close out this sequence!

SUBJECT: Two Kinds of Passion: One You Should Follow, One You Shouldn't

The other day I was listening to a doctor of cognitive psychology from Yale University give his advice on passion.

As in the kind that draws us in one or another direction in life.

Maybe there's something you feel COMPELLED to do but you haven't pulled the trigger on it yet out of fear.

He said there are two kinds of passion.

One you should follow, the other you should not.

That was news to me.

"Passion fuels us," he said. "It drives us towards greatness..."

But at the same time we can have all the skills in the world but if we're not properly motivated to translate those skills into something remarkable...

Well, we fail. Guaranteed.

This is something you'll hear the 30 speakers of the FREE Performance Living Summit bring up time and again (tickets still available as I write this):

Click here to discover your PASSION at the FREE Performance Living Summit

There's harmonious passion - the kind that propels you forward when you participate in it and ultimately rewards you with a deep sense of fulfillment.

This is the kind of passion we should all celebrate.

But there's also obsessive passion.

This one is driven by external influences, like the desire to be admired by others, or the belief that one's self esteem can only be propped up by notched achievements...

The classic mindset of those caught up in obsessive passion involves thoughts along the lines of "I need to WIN, and win BIG!"

So, follow your passion?

Maybe, but you'll want to be sure it's the RIGHT kind of passion before you commit your everything to it.

In one of the sessions from the Performance Living Summit Bedros Keuilian - the secret weapon behind some of the biggest personalities in the fitness industry - explains how people can find their TRUE passion and "dominate their chosen path".

In another session money reiki master Lily Jensen shows us how she helps others to realize, embrace and achieve their dreams by identifying that "harmonious passion" and riding it for all it is worth!

When you register for the Performance Living Summit today you'll get access to these two talks on "how to follow your passion" PLUS 28 more on topics that span an entire spectrum of ideas in health, wealth, and personal growth.

If you'd like to turn their hard-won lessons on the art of high performance into your own "shortcuts to success" simply go here to register for the Performance Living Summit:

Get your FREE ticket to The Performance Living Summit now

It runs from March 21st through March 27th.


If you have read to this point, congratulations for having being so patient.

Hopefully I have not entirely wasted your time. At the very least I expect you will be able to see what is utterly weak about this series and avoid doing anything similar when it comes to writing your own summit-related swipes.